Japanese to English translation?

I need some help translating 6 doujinshi. I bought them at a con, and most of them are mature (R-18). All are yaoi. 
Thank you so much in advanced for any help trying to translate them.. ^^;
I'll upload the pictures if anyone could help me to translate it.

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Need a Translation

Not sure if this is the right place but I'll try anyhow. If its the wrong place, please let me know if there is a place on LJ for translation needs.

Someone sent me a message on a forum that read: An eisai ellinida thelw na kanoume erota

I googled the sentence and it said it was greek, i tried using translation programs with no luck and I am very curious as to what it says.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance...
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In need of Korean translators!

Summary: U-KISS' International Forum, Rocketboxx, needs Korean translators. Rocketboxx would like to provide subbed videos featuring the idol group, and to do that we need translators, editors, timers, and such. Right now, however we have too much of everything except translators.

If you're a KPop fan, please help your fellow KPop fans who doesn't understand Korean.
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LJ Name: foghlaimara
Real Name: Chella
Interests: Philology, webcomics, composing music
Anything else? I am currently looking for help translating my graphic novel for my non-English viewers. This is an on-going series, and those that enjoy comics are encouraged to apply. The most demanded languages are Italian and Spanish (Spain). For those participating, I offer a permanent link to the translators website (if available.) The site is partially down due to renovation, but if you'd like to view, it is available at http://tdugn.com , and my studio website is available at http://ealaionta.com

If anyone is interested, I can be reached via the Contact Form at http://ealaionta.com or on AIM at Ealaionta Studio. You can try contacting me through LJ, but I'm not too familiar with the system. The former two are better. Thank you for reading. Cheers!

WANTED: translators

We’re planning to publish a collection of translations of the poem “Might fame to descendents I leave…” by the late Gennady Grigoryev:



Might fame to descendents I leave in my will?

For any of you – bear in mind –

There is no inheritance, zero, nil,

There's nothing I’m leaving behind.


Crimea, the Baltic, the wash of the sea,

The yacht and the mast with a sail


This life when I go I am taking with me,

So live without life.

Live and wail.



11 Feb. 2003


Translated by Max Orkis © 2008

Our goal is to translate this poem into as many languages as possible – the more the merrier, including Latin and other ancient tongues.

Translators are invited to post their texts as separate entries. We urge you to use tags (e.g., Finnish, Spanish, correction, draft, etc.) and not to get carried away inventing new ones.

You’ll get what’s coming to you: your translation will be published (if it gets approved by our experts). NB: there will be no monetary reward; we can only afford publication expenses.

Only one translation into each of the languages will be published. Comments and collaboration are, therefore, strongly encouraged.

Heading this project are Yevgueniy Myakishev, Nutty Professor Bolduman, Gennady Grigoryev’s son, and Max Orkis.


For your convenience, we’ve opened a new community:





Come join us!


Please spread the word!




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Looking for...

An accurate translation that makes sense.

I need the French translation of the following:

You strutted and fretted across

So far we have Tu as traversé en te pavannant et en t'inquiètant

however the sentance structure is a little (or a lot) messed up.

The other option was tu as traversé en pavanant et inquiètant.

Anything would be very, very helpful, and thanks so, so much in advance!

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Составление словаря

Заказчик поставил задачу составить глоссарий на основе имеющихся переведённых и не переведённых текстов. Уважаемые переводчики и редакторы, сориентируйте, пожалуйста, сколько сейчас берут за такую работу (за слово/ в час). Я так понимаю, ставка за слово, перевод к которому нужно искать самостоятельно, отличается от ставки за поиск и копипейст. Заранее благодарю.

Польские имена и адреса

Перевожу договор с английского, да вот незадача - там польские названия компании, улиц и имена/фамилии. Ни разу с этим не сталкивалась и даже не знаю, как транскрибировать. Ну ладно, название компании так и оставила польским, а что делать с улицами и фамилиями? К примеру: Lucyny Herc Str., Maciej Maniecki.
Если есть тут знатоки польского, подскажите, пожалуйста,  как можно это транскрибировать?  Или дайте ссылочку на ресурс какой-нибудь. Заранее благодарна!!!

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English to French Request~

Hey there, I'm writing a book in which some people French. I would use an online translator, but those make no grammatical sense, and I don't have money to spend on getting "human translations."

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Yeah, those sound really strange when you don't know what's going on, heh heh. Anyway, thank you in advance!
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